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Using Darshan-Web

  • When started, Darshan-Web will automatically update its database with Darshan log files placed in the public/data directory. WARNING: Darshan-Web should be restarted if you want to add new files in this directory; Darshan-Web will not periodically look for new files.
  • This demo version anonymizes (or re-anonymizes) the user names from the log files by replacing them with random names. You can view the list of users by clicking the Users link at the top of the page. At this point, the Jobs link will not operate.
  • By clicking on one the user names, you will be “logged in” as this user and you are redirected to its Jobs page. You can see this user's name appear at the top right of the page.
  • The user's page shows the list of jobs run by the user, in a table and in a timeline. Clicking on one job in the table will focus the timeline on this particular job. Clicking on the job in the timeline will bring you to the job's page.
  • A job's page displays information on the job. The left panel allows the user to click on graphics to be displayed. Checking the boxes will display the graphics. These graphics are generated on demand and stored in the database. When coming back to the job's page, graphics that are available in the database appear in green. Clicking the “clear elements” button will delete the graphics from the database.
  • Darshan-Web provides a set of metrics (top-right panel) to evaluate the quality of the job's I/O.
    • Redundant reads provides the amount of data that has been read at least twice.
    • Relative redundant reads corresponds to the redundant reads divided by the number of processes.
    • Non-contiguous writes provides the percentage of write operations that do not follow the previous write in the file.
    • Non-contiguous reads provides the percentage of read operations that do not follow the previous read in the file.
    • Metadata ratio shows the percentage of I/O time spent performing metadata-related operations.
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