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Darshan-Ruby, HPC I/O trace analysis with Ruby

Darshan is a scalable HPC I/O characterization tool developed by the Mathematics and Computer Science division at Argonne National Lab. It transparently traces all I/O activities of HPC simulations running on supercomputers.

The trace files produced by Darshan are compressed binary files. Some tools (darshan-parser) allow to transform these files into a readable text-based format. Yet these text files can be huge and hardly usable for data-mining purpose on a large number of log files. Thus we designed Darshan-Ruby, a Ruby wrapper for the C API of Darshan, which simplifies the access to the contents of Darshan-generated log files, in an object-oriented manner. Parsing Darshan log files becomes faster, and much easier with Ruby than digging into the C API.

Darshan-Web, a Web Interface for Darshan-Ruby

Darshan-Web is a web interface for Darshan-Ruby, based on Ruby on Rails and AJAX technologies. It allows to navigate through many Darshan log files and display graphs on demand, directly on your web brother. A demo of Darshan-Web is available here, which includes 2 months of logs from ANL's Intrepid supercomputer. The code of this demo is available and can be installed and used by the community.

Authors and Licenses

Darshan-Ruby is developed by Matthieu Dorier (ENS Rennes, France) and is available under a LGPL license. Darshan-Web is developed by Matthieu Dorier (ENS Rennes, France) and Thomas Bouguet (University of Rennes 1, France), and is available under the MIT license.

  • Any question related to Darshan-Ruby or Darshan-Web specifically should be addressed to matthieu.dorier [at]
  • Any question related to Darshan itself should be addressed to the authors of Darshan (see on the Darshan website).

If you use Darshan-Ruby or Darshan-Web for a published work, a small acknowledgement and a link to this website in your paper is always appreciated :-)

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